Equipment Overview

iAqualink .png


For the person that likes to have control over every aspect of their backyard, we have something for you!

At the tips of your fingers, from home or at the office, have the power to set timers, preheat your spa, turn on and off features. Take pleasure in picking your favorite pool light colors and even link it to your landscape lighting a more. iAqualink is a must have Jandy product the we incorporate in every pool build.


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Ultra Clear

The Paramount Ultra Clear system puts two of the strongest non-chemical based sanitizers to work. By running water though this system it quickly kills 99.9% of germs and bacteria. This system increases pool efficiency by reducing the chemical demand. Saving you time and money.



Dolphin DX6

Say hello to one of the number one pool cleaners in the industry. This high tech robotic cleaner is the Roomba for pools. It climes walls, cleans tile lines and can turn on a dime.



Jandy ePump

The Jandy ePump is one of the strongest, quietest and most energy efficient pool pumps on the market. This 2.7hp pump come with variable 8 speeds and uses magnet technology to produce the least amount of noise and maximizes energy output.



Jandy JXi Heater

The JXi Heater is one of the most compact and energy efficient pool heaters out there. It packs a whopping 400k BTUs and is 20% more efficient the traditional heaters.


CV 580.png

Jandy CV Cartridge Filter

The Jandy CV filter has 4 cartridges and maximizes surface area for optimal filtration. It’s total surface design makes it one of the most effective filters with a massive flow rate.



Superflow 360 Drain

The Superflow 360 pool drain is one of the first of its kind. Known as the “unblockable drain” because it has 20 inches of suction around the perimeter and its superior flow rate. The top of the drain is covered with the same material as your pool surface so that it blends into the bottom of the pool.


Paraglo Diagram.png

Paraglo LED Pool Lights

Paraglo Lights are a innovative way to bring color to your pool. With full spectrum LED lights, you can control your personal light at the touch of a button. The Paraglo design makes it easy to use and change out light bulbs when needed. It is a must have item for all new pools.



Paramount Venturi Skimmer

The Paramount Venturi Skimmer is up to 70% more efficient than other venturi skimmers and up to 200% more efficient than regular skimmers.  It’s design makes is more powerful, even when running at a lower flow rate. The sleek door and basket make it highly effective at collecting debris and easy to clean.


Jandy Stealth.png

Jandy Stealth

The Jandy Stealth pump is one of the most powerful and quietest single and 2 speed pump out there. This pump is ideal for powering water features.



Jandy Spa Blower

The Jandy Blower is a strong efficient air pump that is one of the quietest in its class. Less noise and stronger jet power in your spa.