Each county has unique requirements

Obtaining a permit with your county may require time and fees paid to surveyors and engineers to report details about your property. We will facilitate the requirements of your county.

Estimated Project Timeline: 6 Months

  • Obtain Permit: 8 weeks

  • Construction: 12 weeks

  • Landscape Fencing: 4 weeks

  • Safety Inspection: 1 week

Soil conditions: During excavation we may discover unseen treasures hidden below your backyard. If the dirt is not solid enough to support a pool, additional costs will be incurred to resolve poor soil conditions.

Backyard Construction Site: The most talented engineers, excavators, steel, plumbers, electricians, and stone masons with different machines and equipment will come and go with no notice throughout the project. So will your city inspectors.

Timing: There are various unpredictable delays caused by the city and weather that are out of our control.

Noise: Life-size Tonka toys will be coming to your house, disturbing your yard and your neighbors.