“Atlas built our pool 8 years ago. I did not know much about the process, but they made it very easy. They designed a pool based on the backyard slope/layout and worked within the city boundaries to build us an awesome pool. The hot tub waterfall, stonework, and the decking pavers created an awesome back yard. We wish we had done it sooner while the kids were a little younger. I still take the water to them to check to ensure that we have clean clear water. The guys in the store are all very knowledgeable and helpful - thanks Christopher. They always have the chemicals I need. You know you are happy with a pool company when you can recommend them to friends. I have not heard one complaint about the building or maintenance process from any of my friends. Everyone has been very satisfied. They have built 2 more on our street and 3 more with friends in the neighborhood. I would recommend that they build your pool “

~ Chris Weaver ~

“Atlas designed and installed our new pool back in 2002. We’ve always been thrilled with the job they did and we’ve never had a problem. For the last 15+ years Atlas has done all of our equipment maintenance and service, routine testing of pool water, supplying all of our chemicals and making recommendations in the event we have a question. We’ve always had a positive experience with Atlas and the folks who work there are great! We highly recommend Atlas Pools.”

~ Dave Coakley ~

“I have been a customer for over 20 years. The team at Atlas Pools are very knowledgeable, professional and work hard to make sure you are satisfied and that everything is right. They built our pool, recommend reliable and competent service companies, and have great prices and selection of chemicals, parts and supplies. I would highly recommend them for any of your pool or spa needs.”

~ Art Kimicata ~

“What an excellent experience start to finish... We had our pool put in about a year and a half ago and everything went smoothly. Any warranty issues have also been handled promptly and with great care. I have been recommending any friends that are interested in putting in a pool - to contact Atlas. We also shop at the pool store for chemicals etc.... as a pool installation customer you automatically qualify for a lifetime discount on all chemicals at 10% off. Great customer service, knowledgeable staff; just love these guys!”

~ Jeff Brinkley ~

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