Pool Care 101

Pool basics for homeowners

Owning a pool can be a great joy - and also a big pain in the backside! Learning the basics can help increase you comfort level and reduce the mystery of pool care. We offer in person, custom training on your pool and equipment for those that want a to get more in depth, but for those that just want a better idea of how swimming pools work, we've created a free e-book, just for you! Coming soon!

Basic pool care doesn't need to be overly complex. First step is a site evaluation and discussion to determine what you have, the overall condition of the equipment and your primary goals and concerns.

From there we'll delve into the basics by calculating pool volume, creating a custom chemical adjustment guide specific to your pool and walk through basic pool chemistry. After that we'll walk through the care and maintenance of your equipment, how to source replacement parts, general troubleshooting and basic repairs.

We'll wrap up the the pool service portion by walking through a typical weekly service routine. Discussing each step in the sequence, the reason for it's placement in the sequence and answering any questions you have along the way.

We'll provide a custom reference guide for chemical additions and useful formulas for common pool chemistry issues and walk you through how to use it.